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Smart menu is a menu management software for the catering sector, created by Digitechno and developed by Holly Promotion. The software does not just make the reception rooms (or any activity in the restaurant world) create customized menus according to customer needs, but it is a real management of events and customers. In addition to an administrative section reserved for Digitechno, each user / reception room that purchases the software gets administrator privileges for the creation of the menu (dishes, additional items, spouses…). The user can customize his page by inserting photo galleries, his own logo and decide the color of the web interface theme. The possibilities do not end here, the user can create courses (photo, description, allergen category), associate them with categories (appetizers, first courses …), define the purchase and sale costs. The reception room also has the possibility of creating a guest user (e.g. a married couple), profiling it in detail (contact details, images), combining it with a type of event (wedding, graduation party, etc.) and associating it with the chosen menu. The features are not limited to these, they are many and complex, a software demo is the best way to discover them.