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Website / Facebook management / Facebook ads / Still life / Photo shooting.

The company represents a historic entrepreneurial reality, born back in 1960, very well inserted in the social fabric of Bari. The big limit was the absolute lack of a web presence, indispensable for any type of business operating in the 21st century, an era where all communication passes through social networks. The company had neither a website nor a company Facebook page and its owners we had never felt the need to have and consequently never seized the opportunities that the web could offer to a successful company (such as Bar Telebari).

We have created a showcase website that allows you to show all the products on sale, in particular the house specialty, the famous cream. Bar Telebari is also sensitive to problems related to intolerances and allergies and includes lactose-free variants in its offer.

The site provides contact forms relating to both the booking of cakes and pastries and to the request for information on the three ice cream parlors.

Everything is set in a modern and responsive layout that allows at the same time to enhance the traditionality and historicity of the ice cream shop.

For the customer we have focused both on Facebook, more suitable for communicating with the historical clientele of the Bar, and on Instagram to let the new generations know and appreciate the delicious products on offer.

Our strategy involved the development of a 360-degree communication plan that saw us involved in different fronts, from the creation of an editorial plan tailored to the customer, designed with the aim of enhancing its business and preparatory products, to the preparation of a real photo shoot with the aim of having high quality visual content to be published on the web.